The Berry Draughts

The objective of the game is to win the most points at the end of each round.

Each player picks a color and takes all the pieces of that color:
– For two players: 18 pieces each.
– For three players: 12 pieces each.
– For four players: 9 pieces each.
(Each player also adds two small pieces that will help them count their points.)

A game is played in as many rounds as there are players.
The players agree on who will start (each player must start once.)

A round takes place in two phases:
– 1st phase: setup;
– 2nd phase: scoring.
The player who starts the first phase also starts the second one.

1. Setup
Each player places their pieces alternately on the chess board until they are all placed (and fill the chess board).

2. Scoring
To score points, the players count the number of squares crossed by their own pieces in a straight line (either forward, backward, to the left or to the right).


Each player plays one piece alternately.

A piece that has been captured is automatically withdrawn.

A piece can only move on empty squares.


 2 Points

5 Points

Players must play in turn (even if they do not score).
When the players who are about to play touch one of their playable pieces, they must play this piece, if that is possible.

When there is no piece left on the board, players move on to the next round (and keep their points).

At the end of each round, the player who has the most points wins.